Sunday, November 7, 2010

This Week In Fantasy Sports College Edition

Fenix Firecrackers beat CC’s Irish Thunder 98-92. The difference here? R. Tannehill, my waiver pickup who contributed 19 points to the WRs. Standings wise FF goes to 2nd in the West Div with 7-3 (a wild card spot) while the Trojan Warhorses go to 6-3-1 for 3rd. Blastmen continue dominance with 9-1 and Auburn leads the East Division with 8-2.

Meanwhile the Caledonia Spartans lost their game against Medford Drewids. 198-133. What can you say here? 5 players over 20 points! If a team is firing on all cylinders and then some, there’s no way your going to win. Period.

A minor setback though, since C. Spartans still lead the West Division 8-2 over Medford’s 6-4. In the East division Jump Around goes to 7-3 for 1st. Pink Ladies & buckeyes4ever tie for 2nd at 6-4.

Next week is the final week before playoffs. Spartans go up against the buckeyes, sure to be an excellent game as buckeyes struggle for a playoff spot.

The FF go up against the 2-8 Crusaders, I’m not taking this lightly as the Trojans are right on my heels.

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