Sunday, November 7, 2010

This Week In Fantasy Football Sunday SWEEP!

Let’s start with the Norfolk Maulers, who are leading the Urlachers 91-80. To Play: Maulers- C. Benson RB Urlacher- M Wallace WR

Analysis- Let’s hope Benson doesn’t screw us here. We’ve got a healthy 11 pt lead. A win would get us two games up on the Boston Pats and Katy’s Bratpack. Elsewhere in the league Nessquick (7-1 tied for 1st league wide) is being upset by Okie Boyz (2-6) and looks to become tied with West Division rival GBD (7-1 with todays win). Facemob (tied for 1st 7-1) is also looking at a possible upset to Yojimbo (4-4). So while the Central is still being held by Facemob and I’m starting to run away with the East. The West Division looks to be blown wide open.

Hamilton Stingers have an almost certain win leading the 49ers 165-76. To Play: 49ers- C. Ochocinco WR, M Wallace WR

Analysis- Remember what I said yesterday about a team firing on all cylinders? Yeah that’s what the Stingers did today. Seriously the RBs and QB together total 89 points! Everyone had 9 pts or over! Hell even my reserves were performing well. Standings wise this keeps me tied with Toprushers and bigboyballas at 5-4 in the Central Division. Eazeland Allstars move up 3 games on the 49ers in the East Div. and the West Div. is still wide open.

Finally the Moscow Maulers hit their stride going 132-82 over the Bone Crushers. To play: Bone Crushers- J. Shipley WR

Analysis- Michael Vick dominated, along with the Saints DST and Bradshaw RB how all got 20pts or over. Overall most of my team did very well. Things are heating up in the West Division as the Maulers will remain only one game up on the Tigers and Detroit Lions. The East Division has been blown wide open with all teams within 1 game of each other. The Central division is the same way.

This will be an interesting 6 weeks, full scores tomorrow!

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