Monday, November 22, 2010

This Week In Fantasy Football SWEEP!

Let’s start with the college semi-finals!

The Fenix Firecrackers were up against Auburn, leader of the West Division. Unfortunately, the majority of Auburn’s players were on BYE, resulting in a easy 107-49.5 win for Fenix. FENIX IS GOING TO THE FINALS! Who is their opponent? The Eastern Division leader Blastmen went up against Eastern wildcard Trojan Warhorses. And although Blastmen were the favourites, the Trojans won 134-109.

So this weekend Eastern rivals Fenix Firecrackers and the Trojan Warhorses will do battle for the CFL title.

The Western Leaders, Caledonia SPARTANS, went up against the West Wildcard Medford Drewids. The Spartans have only had two losses, one was to the Drewids. This week the Drewids put up a daunting 159 points. The Spartans put up a 183.25 point win! Meanwhile the East division rivals Pink Ladies and Jump Around faced off. Pink Ladies won 144-111. Interestingly, the Pink Ladies are the only team that the Spartans haven’t won against.

So this weekend West battles East as The Caledonia Spartans battle the Pink Ladies for the ORFPA Title.

Whew. On to the NFL now.

 The Moscow Maulers seemed to sneak out a win on the Team Decap winning 94-87. Analysis: Poor play by Bradshaw (0pts!), Andre Johnson (3pts) and Janikowski (3pts) led to a poor overall performance, it wouldn’t have taken much to beat us. This moves the Maulers to 5-4, 2 games up on the Detroit Lions who lost their game. The East Division is all tied up at 5-4 as well and the Central Division lead is still within a game.

The Hamilton Stingers had an easy 135-86 win over the Destroyers. Analysis: Can you say hot streak?! This brings them to 7-4, 2 games up on the Big Boy Ballas. Eazeland-Allstars still lead the East division and the West is still at a deadlock between Westside (6-3-1) and Copperheads (6-4).

Finally the Norfolk Maulers beat Monsta 97-93. Analysis: Again another sneaky win due to poor play by Crabtree (1pt) and the Cardinals DST (0pts!). Luckily strong play by Benson, Fred Jackson, Vick and David Akers led to a win. The Maulers go to 8-3, 3 games on Katy’s Bratpack and Boston Pats. The Central Division is still led by Facemob 8-3 by 4 games and the West Division is now led by Nessquick who broke the 3 way tie. (There is now a 3 way tie for 2nd).

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