Monday, November 8, 2010

This Week In Fantasy Sports Monday LIVE

Benson just got a touchdown! 102-97 now. 9 minutes left

Benson made a good catch for 2 pts 104-97. 2 minutes left.

Less then a minute, 2nd down Cinci on the 30. Stay there!

4th and 5 not, DO NOT CONVERT PLZ!


Cinci called it’s time outs, 22 left.

Game over! MAULERS WIN! 104 to 97!

Analysis- Benson most definitely did not screw us this week. 13 points ftw. Standings wise the Maulers go two up on the Boston Pats and Katy’s Bratpack. Nessquick was upset and so was Facemob.

The Hamilton Stingers final score was 165-94.

The Moscow Maulers got 132-86.

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