Monday, December 6, 2010

This Week In Fantasy Sports 06/12/10

 Moscow Maulers have cemented their playoff spot this week with a 120-54 win over the Tigers. Analysis: Vick, Bradshaw, McCoy, Welker and Johnson all had monster games which made up for poor play by the rest of the team.

Playoff wise the Detroit Lions are out being 2 games back even if they win both weeks they can’t catch me. In the Central Division Teammitchell looks to take the lead with Razorbacks and Johnnyblaze down a game. The East Division is being led by the Piper Downs with the Bone Crushers back by a game. They face off next week. Next week Maulers face the Detroit Lions.

The Hamilton Stingers won their game against 2nd place Big Boy Ballas 86-65. Analysis: Vick and Foster gave the team an awesome start. Which the team almost blew with 5 players having less than 5 points.

Eazeland All-Stars easily has the East Division down and the Westside leads the West by a game over Copperheads and M.O.H.

Finally the Norfolk Maulers won their game 103-73 against the Underdogs. Analysis: Mix bag here, Vick and Benson played well. As did Akers and the Giants D.

Standings wise this puts me easily in the playoffs. Facemob still dominates the Central and Nessquick sealed the deal in the West division.

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