Monday, November 15, 2010

This Week In Fantasy Sports Monday Edition- SWEEP

The astounding performance of Michael Vick easily won the games for all three teams.

The Moscow Maulers, who were losing before todays game 66-107, won 137-107. This keeps the Maulers (4-4) one game up on the Detriot Lions (3-4-1) in the West Division. The East Division has a 3 way tie for 1st at 5-2. The Central division has three teams within 1 game of each other.

The Hamilton Stingers easily dominated the M.O.H 159-66. In addition to Vick. Dwayne Bowe, who was predicted to have a bad game, scored an amazing 30 pts! You also had Jones-Drew who got 24 pts. The Stingers go up 6-4, tied with Big Boy Ballas and one up on the 5-5 TopRushers. Eastland Allstars still leads the East 8-2. Copperheads and Westside are battling over the lead in the West at 6-4/6-3-1.

Finally the Norfolk Maulers won over Nessquick with a score of 150-99! Again, aside from Vick there was Fred Jackson who had 26 pts, as well as Crabtree, DeSean Jackson, Williams and Akers with 12-15-14-11. This takes the Maulers to 8-3, 4 games up on Katy’s Bratpack and Boston Pats. Facemob continues to dominate the Central 4 games over Urlacher. West division is still wide open with the PCB Bengals one game over G.B.D., Nessquick and Yojimbo.

Again a special thanks to Michael Vick for scoring an outrageous 57 points!

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