Friday, October 29, 2010

How I Fought Sexism and Was Banned… IN TWO HOURS

I can’t even believe it. A feminist blog called Shakesville posted an article about the Christine O'Donnell Gawker smear and it caught my eye. It turned out to be full of nonsense. Some how it was misogyny and a crime against women.

Of course politics is full of political smears. So this really isn’t anything new. So I said so, even using Rand Paul’s “kidnapping hoax” as a recent example: “Whiny nonsense. It's politics. Where were you when they tried to accuse Rand Paul of kidnapping? I guess if it happens to women, its sexist misogyny. If its a man, well, that's just politics.”

Two responses to that, the first: “I'm confused. Was there something in the accusations against Rand Paul that was male-specific, that specifically sought to degrade and humiliate him in a way that couldn't be done if he were a woman? 'Cause that right there would be sexism, and we don't like that here. The point here isn't that someone said something mean about a woman somewhere. It's that someone tried to sexually humiliate her in a highly public way. They didn't go after her principles, her stances on issues, her political experience or lack thereof -- they went after the fact that she doesn't wax her vulva.”

To which I replied “Just like how in SC they went after McCain for having an adopted child. Or in Canada they went after Chretien for having a deformity. Those weren't on the issues either. A smear is a smear.”

To which someone else said “BAWWWWWWW” which appears to mean Bitchy and Whiny. This shows the blatant hypocrisy in that A. Bitch is supposedly a sexist word. B. It’s insulting (the comment rules list this as a “safe place”)  C. The fact that me pointing out men are smeared as well is considered whining which is not only sexist but, again, hypocrisy.

The second response was “Shorter: What about the menzzzzzz?” To which I quickly responded “Or: how is it sexist if the same thing happens to everyone?”

Her reply “It doesn't. You're being willfully obtuse.” Interesting, after a little research I quickly came upon several articles about political smears, this one I felt best fit her requirements of sexual and humiliation: “Here's an article of a political smear against a man accusing him of being a pedophile.” I replied.

To which the same poster who said BAW said “Thanks for posting this! It's very informative. But it should probably go in one of the blog-a-round posts.”

Not quite sure what a blog-a-round post is. But anyway, a short while later, I was banned. Not just banned from posting, but seeing comments all together. I can still see the site, so I checked the comment rules. I quote “Differences of opinion are welcome; no one has ever been nor will ever be banned on a difference of opinion alone.”

I guess there are firsts for everything. We certainly can’t have one voice of dissent among probably over 100 others. NO SIR!

The rest of the site is filled with misandry (a particular line that stood out: “Rape is as old as penises”. You can be certain this won’t be the last post about misandry and sexism.

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