Saturday, October 3, 2009

This Week In Fantasy Sports Late Edition

Okay straight up, busy week for me. Not busy as in, I had a lot to get done (which I did) but that I just wanted to get through the week. So I'm just gonna post the scores of the games from last week so I can get to this week.

College Football:
Maulers 89.25-139.5 GoSpokes09
Summary-Gospokes had a 31pt QB, 24pt RB, 26pt WR and 28pt defense. No chance. My guys put up mediocre stats except for Todd Reesing QB (29pts) and USC defense which got a solid 18 pts.

Niagara Stingers 135-112 BigRedCrushers
Summary-Johnson QB had an amazing 53pt game! My Texas Defense had an amazing 36pt game! Throw in Buckner-WR 19pts and McCalebb-RB 14pts and that more than makes up for the lack luster performance of the others.

NFL Football:
Hamilton Maulers 75-59 Underdogs
Summary- All my players contributed decent numbers, meanwhile Underdogs had three people with 0 points and 2 with only 2 points. Their Ravens Defense kept them in the game with 24 points.

Caledonia Stingers 104-94 Polar Bears
Summary- Roethlisberger got a strong 21pts, McGahee-RB and Driver-WR got 16 each and my Vikings Defense got 15 points. Everyone else did decent as well.

So overall a really good week. But I was kind of disappointed that the Maulers lost on Sat. eliminating any chance for a sweep.

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