Saturday, October 17, 2009

This Week In Fantasy Sports NFL Late Edition

NFL Football
Caledonia Stingers vs Patriots Nation: Projected- Pats by 2
Actual: Stingers 100 to 88 Pats
Analysis: Roethlisberger-QB, Johnson-WR and my Vikings Defense did great. Special thanks to bye week replacement Miller-TE who got 11 points. Everyone else did badly.
Trades: Replaced my WRs and got some more players.

Hamilton Maulers vs The Punishers: Projected- Maulers by 18
Actual: Maulers 80 to 61 Punishers
Analysis: Not exactly a rout, but my QB, RBs, and Eagles Defense did well. Unfortunately my WR's, K, and TE feel weak. Hopefully players coming off BYE will help
Trades: Took on Collie-WR in reserve to see how he does, Holt is a replacement for Crotchery who's injured and brought on Crabtree who should beef up my WRs if he's good.

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