Saturday, October 17, 2009

This Week In Fantasy Sports Double College Edition

College Football Week 6
Niagara Stingers vs Smelly Sox: Projected- Stingers by 3
Actual: Stingers 130 to 100 Sox
Analysis: Sox is basically out of the league at this point
Trades: Whole bunch

Maulers vs Flying Legends : Projected- Maulers by 13
Actual: Maulers 94.75 to 137 Legends
Analysis: Sad loss, a 45 point game by Legends WR Barnes and mediocre play by my team sealed the loss. Maybe if I played some others it would have turned out differently.
Trades: Supporting my weak WRs

College Football Week 7
Niagara Stingers vs GA Bulldogs : Projected- Bulldogs by 2
Actual: Stingers 89 to 89 Bulldogs
Analysis: Can you say by the hairs of on my chin. It was close, Bailey-K saved the team with an astounding 15 points (almost won it too). Johnson-QB disappointed me with 19. Wake Forest did awful which means 2 of my WRs did awful (didn't realize they were on the same team). And Peek, my replacement TE did bad too.
Trades: Possibly my WRs and hopefully players coming off bye will help.

Maulers vs I am Tebow's Son : Projected- Maulers by 19
Actual: Maulers 112 to 48 Tebows
Analysis: Exactly what my Maulers needed. 8 of Tebows 9 players got 10 points or less. My USC defense, Page-WR and Rudolph-TE had bad games. But everyone else did well.
Trades: Find a better TE and just scope out other players as well.

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