Tuesday, October 6, 2009

This Week In Fantasy Sports SWEEP EDITION!

Allow me to say "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Because we got the SWEEP!

NFL Football
Caledonia Stingers vs Dirtydogs: Projected- Stingers by 20
Actual: Stingers 115 to 105 Dogs
Analysis: I was worried a little bit when Dogs RB Brown got 23 points and QB Manning got 25. But Roethlisberger-QB matched him with 25 points, but the star was antonio gates-TE with an astounding 24 points. Everyone else did well too, great in a match up where every point counts.
Trades: Ugh half my team is on bye week. Gonna have to get rid of Henderson-WR, he's not performing well anyway. Hartley-K and Carney-K (both New Orleans) are both on BYE this week, and they aren't saying who is going to play yet since Hartley just got out of suspension, so I have to keep both which sucks.

Hamilton Maulers vs Bangkok Stars: Projected- Stars by 45
Actual: Maulers 108 to 72 Stars
Analysis: I was a bit worried when Stars RB Brown got 23 points. Luckily their QB, Brees, only got 7 points. Meanwhile my QB, Brady almost matched Brown with 21 points. But the star of the team was my BYE week replacement for the Eagles, my Saints Defense with an astounding 34 points! I watched the Saints game live and I was shouting "GO GO GO GO!" When they got an interception for a touchdown. Definitely gonna keep them around.
Trades: Eagles are off by and Saints are on BYE so that's an easy switch. My kicker is on BYE so I'll have to get a replacement. Unfortunately injuries are plaguing the team, McFadden-RB is injured and not playing well anyway. Buckhalter-RB, an extremely reliable player is injured. Along with Norwood-RB, who is just coming back from an injury in week 2-3 and a BYE in week 4. Mario-WR was brought on two weeks ago to replace my weak WRs but hasn't preformed well at all. Luckily my team is mostly off BYE and my strong players are ready to play.

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