Sunday, September 20, 2009

This Week In Fantasy Sports NFL Sun. Edition

There isn't going to be a Monday edition this week.

Niagara Stingers vs The Fish: Projected- Stingers by 50
Actual: Stingers 105 to 66
Analysis: Johnson-WR got a great 26 points, both my QBs seem to be back in form. Slaton and Crayton both did poorly.
Trades: Slaton-RB and Crayton-WR will likely be reserved, but I'm 2nd in waivers, so we'll see.

Hamilton Maulers vs Sweet Leafs: Projected- Tie
Actual: Maulers 52 to 94 Sweet Leafs
Analysis: Complete team collapse. Brady-QB got a miserable 6 points and back up QB (Romo) got only 10 as well. Only stars were McFadden-RB and Smith-WR, but even they barely got over 10 points. Miller-TE didn't get a single touch, Norwood-RB got injured. My Eagles D had a 48 point loss.
Trades: Lynch cannot come back soon enough! We'll see.

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