Sunday, October 4, 2009

College Fantasy Football Standings Update

Five Weeks (Only four games though, late start)
League: College Blitz
Team: Niagara Stingers
Conference: East Division
Division Standing: #1/5
League Standing: #1/10
Record: 4-0
Streak: 4 Weeks
Analysis: The Stingers are strong. We barely got by in Week 2 with a 58-50 win, Week 3 had a strong 126-95 win and week 4 had a just as strong 135-112 win. This week was an 82-58 win, closer than previous weeks. However my Defence, WRs and Kicker were all on BYE, this means next week they'll be fresh, and I won't have to worry about them on BYE for the rest of the season.

Five Weeks
League: Out for Blood
Team: Maulers
Conference: East Division
Division Standing: Tied for #4/5
League Standing: Four way Tie for #6/10
Record: 2-3
Streak: 1 Week
Analysis: We came out so strong in Week 1 but got destroyed in Week 2 but Shrek QB Tebow, who got 46 points. Week 3 had a heart breaking 100-98 loss to BFTE, followed by a devastating 139-89 loss to standings leader gospokes. Luckily there's light at the end of the tunnel. This weeks 148-53 win hopefully will right us out of the death spiral and back into contention. I still have to pick my players carefully, because several teams would have still beaten me. Time will tell.

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