Sunday, January 25, 2009

Game Review: Fallout 3

Fallout 3 is one of the greatest games this year. It's an amazing representation of how games are art. Because any mission, any moment, could be made into a movie or book. And this just shows who much work goes into games. Not just a nuclear wasteland. But a 1950's styled nuclear wasteland! And just miles of interesting places, interesting characters and everything.

The story is great, revolving around you searching for your father. But the starting 30 minutes are amazing. You are born in the Vault and grow up. It a rich experience. Then in the theme of Oblivion, when you finally get out and see the world for the first time, you're amazed. There's a sign saying View Point or something and you got up to it and there's this sprawling land in front of you with dead trees, a broken freeway bridge and a small decimated town.

The big problem is the level cap is 20 and the game ends when you complete the main quest which is extraordinarily lame. And now, to fix those you'll have to buy DLC, how cheap is that!? I haven't played it since I beat it so I'll be playing it again in March when the last of the DLC comes out. Really lame that they did that. But it's an amazing game none the less.

Programming: 9/10 : A couple of bugs, and who thought a level 20 cap was a good idea?
Graphics: 10/10 : Brilliant representation of a nuclear apocalypse it's so rich to look at the sun come up over the wasteland
Story: 10/10 : Amazing. The greatest start to a game ever and there is such a twist near the end I was just amazed.
Atmosphere: 10/10 : Who knew an 1950's nuclear wasteland would be so fun
Controls: 9.5/10 : Well implemented, although the pip-boy seems out of place in B button
Overall: 10/10 : One of my favourite games of all time.

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