Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fable 2

I just wanted to bitch about something that really pisses me off. I started playing Fable 2 again after a short stint in October. And it was going great! I quickly got a family going and started completing quests. Well after a certain quest that took a long time and now my daughter is glitched and won't move or respond to me and my wife is no where to be found! What the fuck is this shit!? I looked online and saw that this is a known issue. *sucks in* HOW could they not find this during testing? I found this bug the first fucking time! Did no one marry before that quest? What the hell? *breathes*

Next week I'll be preparing a review for this (and you know this will be factored in), Fallout 3, Gear of War 2, NHL 09 and Call of Duty 5! Stay tuned!

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