Sunday, January 25, 2009

Game Review: Fable 2

If you haven't read this post about Fable 2 then I'll summarize. I was having a wonderful time and had gotten married and a daughter. Well the game had different ideas glitched and we ended up divorced with my daughter being taken with her. What bullshit. I became invested in that family and just having them taken away like that pisses me off to no end. That killed the game for me really. I considered just not playing it but I still wanted to finish the main quest.

You think I'm exaggerating or being sarcastic but I'm dead serious. My plan was to go on the other quest after the main one, raise my daughter and have more kids, buy more land, etc. But it just died. I tried remarrying and having another kid but the wind was gone, sails weren't moving the boat. I assume I'll start playing again some time but who knows.

The fighting scheme is pretty good, using a mix of sword fighting (or hammer), shooting (or archery), and magic (or Will as it's called in the game). There's tons of characters to interact with. But one problem with that is the interaction isn't as good as I hoped. You never really talk to people other than when they give you quest. You just laugh or dance or drop one pickup lines. Sometimes people say things but it's not really directed at you. It becomes ambient noise, like birds chirping.

Peter Molyneux said that I'd fall in love with the dog, when in reality I didn't give a crap about the dog. Sure I'd heal him when he'd get hurt, but that was because he whines a lot and it was free to heal him. I'm just not a dog person I guess. Put a cat in the game, then you'll have me ;) But I did fall in love with my family (see first paragraph) so I'll give him that. (A bit of a double edged sword)

There's tons of quests, jobs, abilities, shops, and stuff to do in Fable 2. I probably haven't even explored half the game yet.

Programming: 7/10 : A bunch of glitches. Didn't like that you can't talk to people.
Graphics: 8.5/10 : Nice graphics, a little cartoonish but it's intended that way
Story: 9/10 : A bit of a weak ending but a solid story none the less
Atmosphere: 9/10 : Albion is a wonderfully created world
Multiplayer: X/10 : Haven't touched the co-op yet.
Overall: 8/10 : The game is good, could have used some more testing to weed out big bugs like I experienced

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