Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My lucky day...

Well today it seems the gods have smiled upon me, after getting up and going to school for breakfast (we are out of milk and I'm too lazy to put a waffle in the toaster oven) I got a blueberry muffin and chocolate milk (I also got this juice stuff, like the free stuff you get from M&Ms) As I sat down at a table in the cafeteria to drink the juice I thought "Hey were in the Simcoe wing today, boy wouldn't I have been an ass if I had waited at Merritt wing for my math class." Then my brain thought "Hey that might been an unused classroom right now. I could eat there, thus I wouldn't be required to remember to go there." Then my stomach chirped up "After juice goddamn it!" So after my juice I went to Simcoe wing and as I got up to the third floor I realised that there was a class in there, and they're wearing suits, so I can't eat my muffin in there. Damn. My brain thought "Well great, now I have to find a chair or couch to sit on in this hallway." I looked around in my immediate area and saw that my math teacher was sitting right next to our classroom. Now the shy little boy in me said "NO! NO! NO!" But my legs and stomach said "SHUT UP OR WE'LL KICK YOUR ASS YOU LITTLE SHIT!" and I sat. We had some small talk about breakfast and then she asked how my homework went. Again the shy little boy in me said "Good! Perfect! No Problem!" then brain said "Shut up! We need help on those last friggin' questions!" So I told her and she said she would take them up on the board. Yay! So the class leaves, we go in and I sit down and engulf my breky. Afterwards as people in our class start coming in the shy little boy in me thinks "What if she asks us about the question brain? Huh? What if she blantantly points out that it's me who wants to know the answer? Or what if she asks you what the answer to a question is? What are you going to do?!"
So class started and she began the lesson by reviewing the questions I inquiried about. She asks "Which equation should we use...Chris?"
"One" I say,
and that was it, she did the questions and I learned. And that was it. Why did I mentally freak out? I haven't a clue, it's just in my nature. Ever since we had to get off the carpet and into chairs I've been terrified of asking questions or answering questions or being asked questions or being asked to answer questions. I get cold on the inside, I sweat, I panic.
But on the other hand I was extremely lucky. If I hadn't thought of going up early, if the teacher hadn't been there or if someone else had sat there, I wouldn't have asked about the questions, even if she asked the class, "Any questions about the homwork?" I know I would have said nothing. Leaving me at a terrible disadvantage in one of my worst subjects.

I also saw the Rambo movie last night so I'll post a review of that tonight.

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