Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Hello, sorry I didn't post about Rambo last week, I just got behind and then over the weekend I was at home so I didn't have any time there either. Rambo was really good. Tell me what do you think a Rambo movie should have? Blood? Check. Half Decent Plot? Check. Lots of Badassedness? Check. Really as far as action movies go this is probably going to stand out as one of the best this year. Basically the plot is Rambo takes some religious people into wartorn Burma. These people get caught by the Burmese army (Which really goes all out when killing civilians, you know, motars, guns, machetes, huge guns on jeeps, mines, heck even pigs) So Rambo goes in with some mercenaries hired by the church (?) and kicks ass! Really if you like action, see this movie.

This weekend was fun, I got to eat at Montana's with Jenni (my girlfriend I'll post about her lator) and be with my family (watch Extras with my dad, HILARIOUS show!). See ya

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