Tuesday, February 5, 2008


THANK GOD IT'S FEBRUARY! My god! Not only is Lost back, not only is Jericho (a show I thought would never be back) coming back next week, not only is Medium still going on but NASCAR starts this month too!
Tonight I plan on finally seeing Rambo I can't wait.
Finally I'm going to eat because we don't have any milk or anything here. Bye!

This is an edit on Feb. 6
Well here is how the weekend went...
Go to the mall (check)
Buy pants (anything but jeans) (check 3 for 6 bucks each hella yes!)
Buy Chili and hot dog buns (check)
Eat at A&W (Poutine and Grandpa Burger with Rootbeer) (check)
Come back (check)
Play Halo 3 or generally waste time (check)
Sleep in till 5pm (check but 4pm)
Watch Superbowl, eat previously stated chili possibly with previously stated hot dog buns & hot dogs (check and watch it with my gf on the phone)
Finish my hmwk (check)

Great Success!

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