Thursday, February 14, 2008

Greatest Win Ever!

Two days ago I bought Chessmaster Live on Xbox Live Arcade. And although I enjoy playing chess, I'm terrible at it. So remembering back to a documentary about Deep Blue I saw and my personal experience playing computers I realized I could possibly do better by downloading program and having a computer give me an advice on what my moves should be. The first program had bugs and I lost 2/3 games because of them. I downloaded a 2nd program and it works so far. Well here's what happened,

I got a game with a guy who set it for 30 minutes (we both had 30 minutes). I waited a while and then he messaged me,

Him: Could you resign?

To which I responded,

Me: How about no.

I guess he thought I didn't get the first message so he sent a second,

Him: Could you resign cause I don't want to play a pushover. (His ELO 1100, mine 561)

Well that's not very nice, I guess he got my first message, his response which wasn't any better,

Him: Okay then get ready to get raped!

Now it's on. It's give and take for awhile and my time is getting less and less (I have to move on the computer, wait for the computer, then move on the game). At about 3 minutes the computer had a plan, then with 2:20 left in the game he resigned knowing that his next move would be checkmate. It was glorious.

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