Saturday, February 2, 2008

For the past week or so I've been recording the temperture on my new Weather Station. So here is the my graph of the last week or so in January. Blue Dots/Red Line= Humidity(%)
Green Triangles= My Room Temperture
Red Dots/Blue Line= Outdoor Temperture

As you can see the it was nice and warm through the at the start then it just bottomed out. I like how it lies at the end when it looks like it's getting warmer, because it means: "Snow Storm"

Well I didn't get to see Rambo on Thursday...I WAS TO BUSY WATCHING LOST! It was great to see it back, and as always it gives you more questions than answers. Can't wait for next week.
I also didn't get to see it tonight. Why? Because there was a snow storm here and I really didn't feel like moving. At all! I honestly played Halo 3 for HOURS and only managed to go up one level! ONE! AH! I'm keeping track of my progress so I'll post it here once I reach my goal.

Finally my plan for this weekend is as follows:
  • Go to the mall
  • Buy pants (anything but jeans)
  • Buy Chili and hot dog buns
  • Eat at A&W (Poutine and Grandpa Burger with Rootbeer)
  • Come back
  • Play Halo 3 or generally waste time
  • Sleep in till 5pm
  • Watch Superbowl, eat previously stated chili possibly with previously stated hot dog buns & hot dogs
  • Finish my hmwk

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