Thursday, December 30, 2010


Here we are, the end of the season. My 3rd season to be exact. It’s been a long journey from September. Let’s see how we did.

Starting with the Moscow Maulers going up against the Piper Downs. Well the Maulers lost 93-63. Although Tamme, Vick and BGE all did pretty well, unfortunately VJackson, Mccoy, Bryant, the Chargers and Wes Welker all had under 10 pts, mostly under 5pts. Andre Johnson being called out of the game at 3PM was the nail in the coffin. Congrats to the Piper Downs (the team my father owns by the way)

The Norfolk Maulers  also lost their championship game to the Nessquick 99-62. Vick, Torain and Britt (a good waiver pick) all did well but Boss, Akers, the Gianst DST, Benson, Branch, and Jackson all had 4 pts or less. Congrats to Nessquick.

Finally the Hamilton Stingers are the NFL vs CFL league CHAMPIONS! They beat the Eazeland All-Stars 114-105 a bunch of player came through for me including Vick, Foster, the Patriots DST, Bowe and Williams.

So now to do something I haven’t done before, MVP awards.

MVP: Michael Vick. With a season high off 57 pts and low of 19 (barring injury) he pretty much got my teams into the playoffs. Vick also wins for Waiver Wire MVP.

Draft MVP goes to Arian Foster who did very well.

WR MVP goes to Dwayne Bowe and Andre Johnson who both did well and not well at times.

TE MVP goes to Tamme who did great replacing Shiancoe for me

K MVP goes to David Akers who with Vick did really well

DST MVP goes to the Patriots who had the most points in the final game

Worst Injury: Dez Bryant this hurt the receiving corps on my team greatly.

Lucky Break: Michael Vicks injury made another team put him on waivers, I picked him up.

Big Bust: Shiancoe and Bernard Berrian.


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