Monday, December 13, 2010

This Week In Fantasy Sports

Since all my teams were going to the playoffs, I decided to experiment with alternate players and it was quite successful. 2/3 teams won their games.

So how do the playoffs look now?

The Moscow Maulers won their game and improved to 8-4 and win the West Division title (with a 4 game lead on 2nd place to boot). The East Division title goes to Piper Downs who also has an 8-4 record. The Central Division was a lot closer with Team Mitchell and Johnnyblaze being tied at 8-4. Razorbacks were kept out of the running by the Chickenhawks  who beat them this week keeping them at 7-5.

KFP League

  • East Division is Piper Downs
  • West Division is Moscow Maulers
  • Central Division is Johnnyblaze
  • Wild Card is Team Mitchell

Hamilton Stingers lost their game leaving them at 9-5, still finishing first in the Central Division. The West is lead by the Eazeland All-Stars. The East Division with Copperheads beating Westside today is in a tie at 8-4.

NFL vs CFL League

  • Central Division is Hamilton Stingers
  • East Division is Eazeland All-Stars
  • West Division is Westside
  • Wild Card is Copperheads

Finally the Norfolk Maulers won their game, winning the East Division 11-3. Facemob won the Central Division 9-5. Nessquick won his West Division 11-3. Yojimbo secures the wild card spot at 9-5.

VAPO League

  • Central Division is Facemob
  • East Division is Norfolk Maulers
  • West Division is Nessquick
  • Wild Card is Yojimbo

Updates on matches tomorrow

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