Sunday, December 19, 2010


THE MOSCOW MAULERS ARE GOING TO THE PLAYOFF AGAINST THE PIPER DOWNS! The Maulers won their game against Johnnyblaze 113 to 75, mostly thanks to Michael Vick dropping bombs and the Chargers Defense. The Piper Downs defeated Teammitchell finally putting to rest the ultra competitive Central Division.

This weekend will have a classic East vs West showdown. The Maulers and Pipers faced off before in Week 7, where the Pipers beat a team missing key players (Michael Vick injured and Andre Johnson on BYE) 97-78. Will the Maulers get their revenge in the biggest game of all?

Meanwhile The Stingers and Norfolk Maulers still have a Monday game to go through.

To Play: Maulers- Bennett (WR) or Rice (WR), Yojimbo- Forte (RB) and Olsen (TE). I have a healthy 37 pt lead (107-70) but I’m still worried. The opponent they’ll face is still up in the air: Nessquick is leading Facemob 104-93 but Facemob still has Adrian Peterson to play.

Finally the Stingers have all but sealed their win against Westside, leading 134-72. Westside has A. Peterson to play as well. They will likely battle the Eazeland All-Stars barring some sort of miracle that allows the 49ers ATW to overcome a 38 pt deficit.
I will update tomorrow!

UPDATE: The Stingers won their game by default with Peterson injured. The Stingers will face the Eazeland All-Stars who downed their division opponent. The last time these teams met the Stingers had a blowout loss by a humiliating 60pts. Can the Stingers get their revenge and get the underdog win?

The Norfolk Maulers also won their game 109-81 with Benson, Torain and of course Vick getting a majority of the points. Nessquick won its match against Facemob who also had Peterson. Ouch. Remember what I told you last week about the Maulers and Nessquick? We're still battling it out for the most wins (12-3) and now the championship. Last time these teams battled it was a 51 pt route for the Maulers. GO TEAMS GO!

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