Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This Week In Fantasy Sports: Semi-Finals

NFL vs CFL matchups are
The Hamilton Stingers vs Westside
Eazeland Allstars vs 49ers All The Way (Copperheads actually lost out by a tie).

Westside barely won the West Division by a tie. Westside and the Stingers met in Week 8 with the Stingers winning 115-72. Westside's roster has great players such as Tom Brady, Adrian Peterson and the Steelers DST. However they have a weak Receiving core and their Running Back team is lacking. This should be a difficult matchup. The computer has me up by 17.

The KFP league will have
The Moscow Maulers vs Johnny Blaze
Piper Downs vs Teammitchell

The Moscow Maulers met Johnny Blaze in Week 4, handing us our second loss in a 3 game losing streak. To say the Johnny Blaze are a powerful team is an understatement, with MJD, Calvin Johnston, Miles Austin, Hines Ward and the Steelers DST (again? PLEASE New York Jets, beat the Steelers to a pulp (note that the Steelers play Carolina the week after, is that a guaranteed championship?)) The computer has me up by 11.

VAPO League has
Yojimbo vs Norfolk Maulers
Nessquick vs Facemob

The Maulers face Yojimbo in Week 7 and beat them by a little over 10 pts. This could come down to a battle of the Quarter Backs with my Michael Vick going up against Mark Sanchez. I should note that Nessquick and the Maulers are battling for the most wins. The computer has us up by 15.

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