Thursday, December 3, 2009

Black Friday Indeed

I'm not going to do a This Week in Sports because I'm annoyed. First the Stingers lost the championship game. It didn't come as a surprise, the death knell was Texas vs Texas AM (I have Texas Defense and AMs QB) and that happened Thursday. It was still rather close so I'm not too disappointed.

Meanwhile NFL was a complete disaster. I have RBs injured everywhere. Both Roethlisberger and Warner were out so Stingers went without a QB. Guess how that went. I made a bunch of good grabs on waivers and have a small chance at Sim-Walker today. In fact, I'll check right now...

Hasn't gone through waivers yet so we'll see.

Surprisingly my best players were the tight ends Shiancoe and Gates. Go figure.

Update: I did get Sims-Walker, hooray!

I read that this is the kind of week that makes people want to quit fantasy all together. I just wish I had a league that allows walk ons dammit!

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