Saturday, November 21, 2009

This Week in Fantasy Sports: ON TO THE FINALS!

Niagara Stingers vs Big Red Crushers : Projected- Stingers by 23
Actual: Stingers 147 to 82 Crushers
Analysis: A decisive win against my Division rival, the Big Red Crushers. We were fortunate for two things: A lot of his players were on BYE/injured and my players played extremely with almost everyone getting at least 5 points (Williams-WR got 2). Johnson-QB got 33, Batch-RB got 30, Locke-RB got 28, Childs-WR got 10, Hankerson-WR got 20, Barden-TE got 6, Waldon-K got 8 and our Texas D got 10 points. (Varner-WR who was on the bench got 21 points and could replace Williams for the final)
Final: The final will be against Salem Downpour. Who is a wild card also in our division and pulled a 167-128 upset over Kiss the Baby, who was #1 in the standings with a 8-2 record. Salem only had a 5-5 record. In our last meeting Salem beat my team 161-118 in week 8. The fact that they got 167, and we had 147 gives me a ton of hope (If we did have Varner in the game we would have won against them too).

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