Thursday, December 3, 2009

25 Holy Crap Moments in Gaming

25. Left For Dead: Dead Air
In the finale to Dead Air, you step out onto the tarmac to prep the military plane for flight. When you first come out you see a plane coming in and crash, throwing debris everywhere! Video

24. Halo: 343 Guilty Spark
Just simply iconic Halo level..."I've got a bad feeling about this..." Video

23. Metal Gear Solid 2's Ending
So your playing this game and then suddenly your in a 20 minute cut scene about the new world order. As you just crashed into downtown New York and then battle it out from there. Video

22. Braid's Ending
Although overrated in many cases still a solid mysterious ending to a extremely well made game. Video

21. F22 Lightning II's Big Honkin' Air War
Basically self explanatory, its you and your team vs the other team, with literally dozens of aircraft flying around, its enough to make Maverick from Top Gun crap his pants.

20. Call of Duty 4's 1st Level
Although this isn't what most people remember Call of Duty 4 for, it certainly set the tone. Basically you are a national leader captured by a rebelling force and are being taken to be executed. You can't do anything but look around as your country is being overrun by rebels. Basically Infinity Ward's way of saying: "You ain't seen nothin' yet" Video

19. Call of Duty 4's AC130
The moment you pull the trigger and blow up a house, you simply want more. An amazing level and fun to play. Video

18. Half-Life 2: We don't go there anymore.
Only moments after she told you that Ravenholm is a hell hole, Alyx tell you to go through this festival of haunted nightmares (that's right nightmares that are haunted as well). Video

17. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory's Mexican Standoff
There's was definitely a holy crap moment when your faced with shooting Sam's war friend Douglas. Video

16. Gears of War 2: Riding horseback
Definitely the best moment in the Gears series was riding on the Brumak and blowing the hell out of everything in sight. Video

15. Prey's Opening

Prey was probably the biggest sleeper of 2006. I still remember the feeling I had playing the demo. The first level starts you in a bar where you explore the area, interacting with objects, and then the UFO comes. It's a great opening, and it only gets better too. Also: Killer soundtrack (needs more cowbell though) Video

14. Red Alert's Ending
I giant WTF happened when I played Red Alert to the end of the Soviet campaign as NOD leader Kane comes out of nowhere and shoots the Nadia who just poisoned Stalin. "I AM the future" Damn! You don't screw with Kane. Video

13. Halo: The Pillar of Autumn
The opening level of Halo perfectly sets up the franchise and multi-million dollar money maker. Starting of with some light diagnotics they drop you straight into some fighting. Video

12. Splinter Cell: The CIA
The is just something inherently awesome about breaking into the CIA. Video

11. Call of Duty 4: Ghillies in the Mist
One of the most badass levels of all time, just wonderfully developed. Period. Blowing off a guys arm and then jumping out of a building as it explodes is awesome. The Last Stand, avoiding soldiers, and just the amount of detail put into the old Soviet city is simply amazing. Video

10. Fallout 3's Ending
No I'm not talking about its crappy ending. I'm talking about it's HOLY CRAP THAT ROBOT IS BLOWING THE HELL OUT OF EVERYTHING ending. Video

9. Titanic Adventure Out of Time
One of the best games I've ever played. But the ending takes the cake as you run around the ship as it sinks, trying to figure out how to do everything right while not getting killed. Video

8. Half-Life 2: Meet the Antlions
You're in your little car and getting carried over a ton of giant bugs ala Starship Troopers and over course the DROP YOU! Of course no one tries to help or anything either.

7. SkiFree's Abominable Snowman
You probably don't remember it now, but when you were just skiing around having fun and then all of a sudden a monster comes out of nowhere and eats your skier alive, you likely said holy crap. Video

6. Red Alert 2: Intro Movie
I still say holy crap whenever I watch this. Drive Friendly. The Texas Way.

5. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time's Final Battle

One of the best games I've ever played and probably one of the best endings in a game I've ever played. Having beaten Gannondorf, you run out of the crumbling tower and then in the collapsed ruin you fight the monstrous Gannon in an epic ending battle. Video

4. Halo 3's Ending
What more do I need to say. Just the perfect finish to the great series. Video

3. Portal
You knew this game had to be here. One of the most perfect games of all time. Especially the ending where the entire building blows up and then you have GLADOS sing you Still Alive. Video

2. Call of Duty 4: The Nuke
Of course I wouldn't dare not mention this. During the game you thought you'd play as to characters. Instead, your American character gets his as blown up in a huge nuclear explosion and then you get to walk around like its Fallout 3 as ash rains down on your fallen comrades. Video

1. Doom's Ending
No one could ever have expected to be teleported to a pitch black room full of monsters, but that's exactly what happened. The "what the hell is this?" is the icing on the cake. Video

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