Monday, December 21, 2009


The Stingers won their game against DogvsDog in an upset 103-85. It was a battle the whole way, here's a breakdown:

Quarter Backs:
S- Warner 17
D- Romo 20

I wish I had played Roethlisberger who got an astounding 38 points. But Warner at least kept it in reach.

Running Backs:
S- Grant 9
Moats 4
D- Jackson 12
Johnson 13

My terrible running back issue from the season follows me into the playoffs. Note to self, next year pick good running backs.

Wide Receivers:
S- Austin 19
Johnson 19
Rice 4
D- Holmes 7
Welker 4
Cribbs 0

What I lack in running back, I make up for in WRs. Both my healthy WRs did amazing and Rice played sick, so I'll cut him some slack. DvDs WRs had bad games.

Tight End:
S- Gates 9
D- Gonzalez 9

Goes to show that if you want to get into the playoffs, you need a decent tight end.

S- Hartley 5
D- Prater 15

Hartley had an okay game, but meanwhile Prater had an amazing game, I was praying "Don't let me lose because of a kicker!"

S- Texans 17
D- Packers 5

In my opinion, this gave me the game. True, I would've won without any points from defense at all, but this just gave me the security that I needed.

So it looks like that unless my division rival J&J can get at least 26 points with Steve Smith tonight, I will be facing Central Division Leader Patriots.
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