Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This Week in Fantasy Sports: Stingers in, Maulers out

Good and bad news as you can tell from the title. The Maulers didn't make the playoffs. Looking back it's a very disappointing season, we were on our way to an easy glide into the playoffs but suffered a 4 game losing streak coming into this week (we won our last game though). Unfortunately, my trade for Vincent Jackson didn't help us until this week (and the guy who got Romo is in the playoffs now). My biggest problem was my Running Back draft decisions. In week 1 I started with Jerious Norwood (total of 25 points the WHOLE SEASON!), Darren McFadden (only 41 points), Kevin Faulk (who did okay) and Marshawn Lynch who didn't perform nearly as well as I needed (especially since he started suspended). Another disappointment was Steve Smith who has had a wonky season. My Eagles DST also was a disappointment along with Tom Brady at times. What can I say? That's my whole team!

Most disappointing was that we actually had a good team in the end. Strong WRs, good RBs, great TE and Kicker. We definitely had a shot at the championship had we won.

The Stingers took different approach, having with RBs, Kickers and WRs, and QBs being injured CONSTANTLY. Almost every week seemed to alternate between winning and losing. I don't know how we finished in the first position for the East Division. I'm going up against the extremely tough DogvsDog, who is the overall 1st place in standings, with a SEVEN game winning streak! Currently it's projected to be a tie, but we both know the Stingers are gonna have a steep hill to climb.
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