Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This Week in Fantasy Sports: The Final Countdown

Well here we are, no the Maulers aren't here but the Stingers are in an epic battle against the Patriots this week. Here's the stats:


10-5-0 (W3)
Coach Rating: 91 (4th)
Schedule Difficulty: 4th
Passing Rank: 8th
Rushing Rank: 7th
Receiving Rank: 1st
Defense/ST Rank: Tied for 3rd

So as you can see my terrible rushing is definitely a hindrance but is made up for by my wide receivers and defense.


Record: 10-5-0 (W2)
Coach Rating: 91 (5th)
Schedule Difficulty: 12th
Passing Rank: 7th
Rushing Rank: 2nd
Receiving Rank: 7th
Defense/ST Rank: 11th

You can get several things from this, the first is his great rushers but terrible receiving, defense and passing. In fact, he has an over saturation of rushers with 3 good rushers in reserve! The second thing you can tell is how he got in the playoffs. My team had to claw its way into the playoffs with the 4th hardest Schedule, meanwhile he cruised on his rushers with the easiest schedule in the whole league!

Caledonia Stingers by 12

Current Lineup:
QB- Warner
RB- Grant
RB- Moats
WR- Austin
WR- Johnson
WR- Rice
TE- Gates
K- Hartley
DST- Vikings

Possible Wavier Claims:
Morris RB, Bush RB


Chris's Girlfriend said...

Did the Stingers win the Championship or did they lose? if they won then I'm happy :) , if they lost then i'm sad :(

Stinger503 said...

Lost by 8 points