Tuesday, November 17, 2009

This Week in Fantasy Sports BAD EDITION

College Football
Maulers vs Shrek : Projected- Shrek by 11
Actual: Maulers 142 to 135 Shrek
Analysis: Finally my defense pulls through. Air Force (who I used earlier this season) got a strong 12 points. Ingram-RB got 26, Williams-RB got 18, Broyles-WR got 21, Pettis-WR got 38. Johnson-QB only got 8 points, which could have cost us the game. But everyone else got atleast some points.
Trades: Unfortunately the Maulers didn't make the playoffs. Which is sad too, because we finally got the ball rolling. The Maulers' season closed with 5 wins and six losses. Tied 3rd in East Division, Tied 4th in the league. Good to go out with a bang

Niagara Stingers vs MBSU : Projected- Stingers by 22
Actual: Stingers 63 to 72 MBSU
Analysis: The only thing that stood out is Texas Defense with 28 points, after that no one did better then 9 points.
Trades: Fortunately the Stingers are moving into the playoffs. Our Division final is against Big Red Crushers. Who we defeated in week 4 135-112.

NFL Football
Caledonia Stingers vs Seachickens : Projected- Stingers by 13
Actual: Stingers 96 to 99 Seachickens
Analysis: Warner had another good game with 25 points, Rice-WR, had an amazing game with 20 points. The Vikings defense got a sturdy 12 points and call out to Betts-RB who I brought in as a BYE replacement with 17 points. Big busts were Austin and Wallace this week.
Trades: Hopefully the Texans getting off BYE will help us a lot.

Hamilton Maulers vs Lord Dinkins: Projected- Maulers by 27
Actual: Maulers 71 to 80 Lords
Analysis: Both RBs were busts as well as the Eagles Defense. Brady got a strong 31 points. Crotchery got 12 points and Smith finally got 15 points.
Trades: Benson, who's been a key player, maybe injured. I also have a trade in voting period with the Trippers for Vincent Jackson in exchange for Romo

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