Sunday, November 8, 2009

This Week in Fantasy Sports College Edition

College Football
Maulers vs Hurricanes : Projected- Maulers by 11
Actual: Maulers 80 to 106.25 Hurricanes
Analysis: I was so optimistic for this game too. Our two early week games yielded a 17 point game by Williams-RB and 16 point game by Pettis-WR. Then yesterday Johnson-QB got 20 points and Ingram-RB got 15 points. So guess what f'd me in the ass! My newly brought in Oregon Defense, got 0 points. UGH! Guess how USC Defense did? 22 points! AHHHHH! Cobb-WR also got 0 points, no excuse either because it was a 37-12 win.
Trades: Picking USC back off waivers, I'm number 1 so I should be able to get it.
STANDINGS NOTE: Drops me into possibly last place with 4-6 I'll update on Greens game tonight, don't hold your breath, he'd need a 26 point game to get us there.

Niagara Stingers vs Sacramento Thunder : Projected- Stingers by 26
Actual: Stingers 63 to 62 Baby
Analysis: I'm not going to hold my breath here, after last weeks shifts I would not be surprised if I lose by 46 or something. But I hope it stays the same. Johnson did okay with 20 points, Texas Defense got 14 and everyone else did pretty poorly. Exception being my kicker Sturgis with 9 points.
Trades: The big problem this week wasn't that my players are bad, it's the match ups. I should have known better than to but my players up against NC and FL, but what can you do? Trade away for poor players and hope for the best later on?
STANDINGS NOTE: If the win stands it keeps me tied for number 1

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