Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This Week in Fantasy Sports NFL Edition

NFL Football
Caledonia Stingers vs Tenacious Timberwolves : Projected- Stingers by 21
Actual: Stingers 130 to 61 Timberwolves
Analysis: After last weeks colossal failure, I in no way intended to play Kurt Warner. In fact last week I said I would consider trading Kurt. But for some reason Sunday morning, I looked over my team and noticed around 70% of Kurt's owners were playing him. Looking at the projected scores, and every other detail I could, I couldn't see a reason to play Kurt over Big Ben. But, I figured, they MUST know something I don't.
Luckily my hunch was right. Kurt scored 40 points! But over all my whole team was amazing. I would have won, without Kurt at all! My Falcons Defense (who I got because the Vikings are on BYE) got 17 points, Grant-RB and Slaton-RB got 15 and 8 each. Austin-WR and Johnson-WR both got 10 points and Wallace-WR got 12 (more on that in the Maulers analysis). Gates-TE got a reasonable 6 points and finally Carney-K got an astounding 12 points.
Trades: Ugh, the Texans are on BYE which means I'm down three players (Slaton-RB, Johnson-WR and Moats-RB*reserve). Luckily the Vikings are playing Detroit, so I should be able to shed the Falcons and bring in an RB and simply move Rice into Actives.

Hamilton Maulers vs A League of Their Own: Projected- Maulers by 26
Actual: Maulers 89 to 88 ALOTO
Analysis: Can you say: "By the hairs of his ass!" This is kind of sad because he didn't have a TE, K, and was missing a WR. But still, a win's a win. Brady-QB did alright with 19 points. Benson-RB got 17 points, Carney-K got 12 points and my Eagles D got a disappointing 10 points. So at the end of Sunday it was 77 to 88 for the Leagues and only one player on my team was left, Wallace-WR. I watched the game on Monday and you wouldn't believe how elated I was when Wallace caught a touch down catch to give us the win.
Trades: Moats is on BYE but now Lynch is back so we're good.

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