Monday, April 27, 2009

10 Best Halo Multiplayer Maps

Read this post today and found it interesting. Did a little research and remembered some of my old favs.

1. Boarding Action - My dream is to have a remake of this map, half Covenant ship with a huge hole in it, half human ship.
2. Ivory Tower - Had a love/hate relationship with this map but I wish it were in Halo 3
3. Blood Gulch - Classic
4. Elongation - Loved this map for it’s design, colors and gameplay. Loved Swat and Snipers.
5. Beaver Creek - Classic map
6. Hang ‘Em High - Loved sniping here.
7. Terminal - Yes, I miss being hit by a train.
8. Zanzibar - I remember E3 when this was unveiled as part of Halo 2’s multiplayer. The spinning wheel and opening doors were amazing.
9. Blackout - I probably like Lockout more but I love the Human setting redesign
10. Backwash - Sort of out of left field, but I really loved the feel of this map

Honorable Mention: Containment, Foundation, Headlong, Relic, Colossus, Warlock
Least Favourites: Waterworks, Burial Mounds, Turf, Foundry, Isolation and Snowbound

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