Saturday, April 18, 2009

Stinger503's Report of Toolbaggery 18/04/09

I can't let this go. Sorry I can't.

You know what? I worked as a dishwasher for a couple years, and yeah it was boring, tiring, soul-stealing work that I hated. But guess what? I NEVER allowed a dirty dish through, because I had the COMMON FUCKING SENSE to know that people would be served food on those dishes, people like MYSELF! JESUS CHRIST! What's wrong with these people?! It's unfuckingbelieveable! Their attitude is so idiotic as well, no sense of "Hey if we're doing this to people's food, maybe someones doing it to our food. I wouldn't like that, so I won't do this."

And then they release it on youtube. To the public. With no attempt to hide their faces and I think they even say their names! Now it seems as if they want the internet to just forget this happened. I hope it's a damned joke. Sorry but if your that big a toolbag then you deserve to have the hammer of the internet brought down on you:

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