Thursday, February 12, 2009

Stinger503's Websites I Love

Jake and Amir are a part of the College Humor website. Here's my top 10 favourite videos from them (with some honorable mentions);

1. Church- I love Amir's facial expressions and his opening "story"

Church from Amir on Vimeo.

2. Florida Pt. IV (Puzzle)- One of my favourite lines ever "That's how he treats a hero"

Florida Pt. lV (Puzzle) from Jake Hurwitz on Vimeo.

3. Jake's Birthday Part 3- Watch Part 1 and Part 2 first. Awesome ending, "You call these people your friends?"

Jake's Birthday Part 3 from Amir on Vimeo.

4. Dad- I love Jake's facial expressions here. "Not to you"

Dad from Amir on Vimeo.

5. Internship- Threesome is my favourite part

6. Dating Service- "Three weeks ago"

7. Lunchtime- And so true (about subs)

Lunchtime from Amir on Vimeo.

8. Monopoly- "Snake eyes bitches!"

9. Park- Amir's facial expressions are priceless

Park from Amir on Vimeo.


Secretary from Amir on Vimeo.

Honorable Mention:
Desktop Prank
Lunch Meeting
Economic Crisis
Who's The Boss?
Basketball Game
Instant Messages
April Fool pt I&II
Video Letter to Mom
Ace and Jocelyn series
See them all at Or via their podcast.

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