Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Vacation Blog Part 2

Day 5:
Today I woke up well before anyone and went to get breakfast by myself. After that we headed to the Curacao aquarium. We got there and after waiting awhile it was finally our turn for the dolphin encounter. We got this nice dolphin trainer (a.k.a. HOT!) and it was a ton of fun. After that we looked at some of the fish in the aquarium and headed back to the resort. We had lunch and then I went and sat around while they played some game called Outburst. I had a hot dog for a snack.
Next it was supper time, which had the buffet outside for tonight, featuring some Japanese food. I tried some sushi. Not a sushi person. For the entertainment there was a guy playing the sax and singing. In my opinion he was the best of the whole week, because he'd move around the tables. He did a song for my parents. After dinner was a “circus” but it was more of a trapeze act. It was fun to watch.

Finally we went back and sat and talked. I had some sort of drink, a Sweet Aya or something. Then Jen and I head back to our room and watched some television before sleeping.

Day 6:
I woke up probably last today, I was damned tired. We had some breakfast and went to the bus. Our bus took us first to downtown Willemstad and then out towards the East side of the island. After that we headed West, first stopping at the Curacao liqueur factory, where we had some free samples! Next we went further West going to the rocky coastline. It was so nice, seeing the huge waves and the caves. After that we went to this small restaurant Jaunchie's that was cool because they told you the menu. I had chicken and fries, some 7-Up and lemonade. I also had some Iguana with garlic sauce which was fine. After that we went to a nice beach, before seeing some wild flamingos. After that it was basically returning to the resort. . Our tour guide Peter was from Holland. Is their website.

Once there we went back to the room and I hung out there for a bit. After that I went to the beach and then Jen, Sarah and I went to see if we could kayak/paddle boat, but it was closed. So instead I listened to the other adults till we went back to our rooms to get ready for supper. I got a pineapple splash to drink and then we went to supper. We ate at the Japanese place called Munasan today. For starters we had sushi, soup and salad. Which is funny because I said I wasn't a sushi person but I ate a ton of it. Then the cook, Sherman, came over and cooked us some vegetable pasta. After that he cooked us some chicken, beef, fish and shrimp. All were bloody amazing!

Next was the talent show. Aunt Sherrill sang Broken Wings by Martina McBride and that was cool. After that we played some more Outburst! And went back to the room for sleep.

Day 7:
I woke up later today. I had breakfast then went into the pool for a swim. I had a Bloody Mary, strawberry daiquiri, sex on the beach and a ton of Miami Vices. After that I went kayaking, snorkeling and 'tanned' for a bit. By now it was time to get ready for supper. We ate at the Italian Pastafari restaurant. To start was a salad bar and soup (I had minestrone). For the main course I had a four cheese penne and for desert a cheese cake.

Next we went to the lobby's T.V. room to watch a movie my sister made about my parent 25 years together. It was very nice. Then my Dad gave a moving speech before we headed down to the beach for a fun little game my parents did, and then we went to the deck to listen to music and drink before heading to bed.

Day 8:
Today I woke up late again. I went and had my final breakfast before heading to the pool. I had a White Russian, mission accomplished. They're quite good too. After that we packed up and went to the beach. I ate a hamburger and just sat listening to my iPod. I went and ate at the buffet and got the very last pasta. Sadly there was no more flan. After that I went back to the beach for some more iPod.

Finally we got ready for the bus. I quickly got a hamburger then beat Jen at giant chess. We then got on the bus and to the airport. We checked our luggage and then went through security then the terminal. For some reason, unknown to me, fucking Curacao has free Wi-Fi but Toronto airport doesn't?? I did some online and the plane came in. We got on the plane and had a pretty easy ride. For supper they had ham & cheese sandwiches, crackers, cheese, a bran bar that was chocolate so it was better than last time. What was disgusting was the coleslaw. I had this one bite of it and it was so watery I started gagging. Nasty.

After that we landed and went through customs and got our luggage. We said goodbye to our family and head on the monorail to our parking lot. It was -11 with wind chill and I was still in shorts. We all ran to the car and got in faster than a pit crew changes tires. After that we went to McDonalds for some food and then headed home for some sleep.

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