Thursday, February 19, 2009

Vacation Blog Part 1

Day 1:

Well today went well. I woke up at about 9ish and got ready for the trip. We got packed well before 10:00 A.M., went to Tim Horton's then had to go back for something. After that it was smooth sailing to Toronto. We went on the 407 Toll Road so we got to Toronto quicker.

We parked and took a monorail from the lot to the terminal. When we got to the luggage check we found the rest of our group who got there not to long before. They were all wearing bright orange shirt saying Friends & Family on the front and Mike & Sharon 25 years Proost on the back (Proost is cheers in Dutch, or so I'm told). After we checked the luggage we went to eat at Swiss Chalet. I had a quarter chicken dinner and ice tea. After that we went through security without a problem. Then we had to wait for the plane to arrive. Mom, Dad, Jim, Sandra and others (I think), went to get a drink at the bar and I went to see if the free Wi-Fi would work. It did not. There should be a law against that bullshit. The Boingo shit you have to pay for worked but the free stuff wouldn't connect. I think every time that happens the devil smiles.

Anyway we boarded the plane eventually and I got a window seat and sat beside Mom and Dad. I wasn't as nervous as I usually am. We took off promptly and we got some beautiful views of downtown Toronto. Not to long after that we had our meal, it was a delicious roast beef sandwich, along with crackers and cheese, a bit of macaroni and a bran bar for dessert. To drink I had water and a sprite. Later on in the flight we had some more water and when we got closer to Curacao we got a complimentary drink, some sort of fruit cocktail with some alcohol in it. Also I think Jessica didn't want her sandwich so I ate that too. Yum!

Mostly I listened to some Supertramp and fell asleep for a couple hours. But woke up in time to see the beautiful sunset. We went through some turbulence but nothing to bad. In the final hour or so I listened to the Alex Jones Show. We landed fine and got through customs without a problem and then we checked into the resort and got onto a bus to get there. It was nice, because we went over one of the two big bridges here and got to see the famous river front. We got to the resort and damn! Is it f'in nice. We got a fruit drink when we got here and went to our rooms. Jen, Sarah and I are in our on room with Mom and Dad in the room next to us. We went out to the bar and I had a strawberry daiquiri and ate at the buffet. After that, Jen, Sarah and I went to the beach and the water was nice (it's 11:30 so we aren't goin' swimming). Me & Jen went to the lobby and played checkers, and I had a pina colata. It was a draw (Jen: “No it wasn't I won”) Sure, sure.

Anyway after that it was late and we chattered amongst the adults before sauntering off to bed. Night

Day 2:

We got up at nine today and went to the beach for a swim. We got some snorkel gear and did that for a bit, checking out all the amazing fish. After that I rested and read some OXM. We then had some breakfast and then back to the beach. A Dutch Navy ship passed by our beach as well. After that I went back to the room and played some Civilization on the patio and enjoyed the garden/wildlife. There were some canary type birds, humming birds and some lizards. It was very enjoyable. Then when my sisters came back we went to play some shuffleboard.

For the first game I was with my cousin Jessica against my sisters and we lost. The 2nd game pitted Sarah and I against Jen and Jessica. We stomped them. We also looked at some of the birds and a turtle. I also spotted a large lizard (iguana?) in a tree. We went back to the beach and sat for a bit with the parents. My Mom and I then went for a walk. First we went to the edge of the beach, going up to the bird cages, then around down to the other side of the beach and saw some crabs and pelicans. We then walked back to the others and then we headed for supper.

For supper I had a plate of each kind of pasta, it was delicious. Tons of dessert too. After that we sat by the pool and drank a ton of Fifteen Years, which were delicious. After that we called it a night.

Day 3:

Today my sisters got up at 10ish and I decided to sleep in. I woke up around 12. I noticed a lizard crawling on the headboard of my sisters bed and decided to get some video to show them later. I walked over to Jimmy's Buffet and joined the card game they were playing (Bang! I think was the name). It was raining today so that's why they were there. I won the two games that we played and then we ate lunch.

After lunch I had a strawberry daiquiri and then we got some snorkel gear and went snorkeling again. After that I was feeling lazy so I just laid down on a chair and played my iPod for a couple hours. Then it started raining and I went back to the room. Next everyone came back and then we went out for supper at Jimmy's Buffet. After supper I grabbed a Strawberry Daiquiri with Rum and went back to my room and played some Civilization before going over to the disco to listen to some karaoke. After that we went over and sat down by the Jimmy's Buffet and I had a Blue Lagoon. Finally we went to bed and I'm currently having a Green Lagoon. By the way Jen sunburned her head and me and Sarah are poking fun at her and Sarah and Jen are freaked out about the lizard.

Day 4:

Today I actually woke up before my sisters. We got up and went to eat breakfast. After breakfast Jen and I had a chess game and I beat her while we waited for the bus. We took some taxis to downtown Willemstad and went through a small market. Then we went to the waterfront and saw a large cargo ship pass by. We walked down the historical waterfront and then went up by some shops.

At this point we got split up from the others and it was just my family and Tim and Debs family. So the girls went shopping and us boys had a drink at a nice little area. After a little shopping we went to see the fort and then went across the Emma bridge to eat. We waited at this one restaurant but only got drinks. I had a Mojito but didn't really like it so I got a strawberry daiquiri. We had a pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut for lunch. After that we headed to the second fort and took pictures of a huge cruise ship that was docked. Then we headed back to the bus and to the resort.

After that I went back to the room for an hour or so and then went back out and sat around for a bit. We went back to the room and got ready for supper. Supper was great and then Jen, Jessica and I went to our room. We started watching twister. Later Sarah came in and we went to go online. It worked okay but it took a while. We came back to the room and then we went for a walk with Jen and Jess. Sarah and I stayed with the adults and Jen & Jess went back to the room. We went to the casino to look around and then headed back to the room for the night.

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