Friday, February 13, 2009

Making Valentine's Day Awesome

I was inspired by a article to do a post about Valentine's Day. It'll be short and will hopefully make Valentine's Day more enjoyable for men everywhere.

First Rule: Make it not just about her.
How do I do this you ask. Well there is an exception to the rule. The first and maybe second or so Valentine's Days ARE about her. After that it's up for grabs. Many men make Valentine's into a second birthday for women. Fuck that. Why not go to a crash up derby before going to dinner and being romantic? This goes into the second rule...

Second Rule: Compromise.
Compromising is key. You want to go to the rodeo but she's refusing? Add on bonuses, like dinner AND a movie. Maybe you just want to go to a movie. Try finding something that you'll tolerate. Rather than say the Reader, how about the Dark Knight in IMAX? Hey it's up for a couple Academy Awards isn't it?

Real Life Example: Me.
Last year for Valentine's Day I compromised with my then girlfriend to go to the Warplane Heritage Museum. Then we went to dinner (always have a couple extra pounds of body weight, just in case)
Final Note: Doesn't always work for every woman, but doesn't hurt to try. (Actually in some cases it can.

I got my former girlfriend to pose with a bomb. Have fun at He's Just
Not That Into You fuckers.

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