Saturday, September 13, 2008

Week 3 in College Football

Well right now I'm waiting for the scores to update but here's the games I watched on television:
University of South California vs. Ohio State- Ohio got wooped by my beautiful defence 35-3.
Perdue vs. Oregon- Perdue lost in double overtime but Wide Receiver Greg Orton made good plays.
Penn State vs. Syracuse- My Penn State defence wooped ass 55-13.

So far the only updates are from Friday, where my Maulers quarterback lost the game but still got us 37 points.

Here's what CBS Sports projected:
Stingers vs. Warriors: I'd lose by 7 points
Niagara Maulers vs. Jeremy24: I'd lose by 10 points
Well hopefully my defence teams alone should dispel those ideas.

Can't wait for the update!

And the winner is:
Stinger 140-127 Warriors!! WOOOOOOOO!
Niagara Mauler 107-131 Jeremy24, my RBs and some of my WRs let me down, I mean 0.75 Jarvis? 17 Running yards? That's just bad.
Well I'll have to overhaul my Maulers team again.

NFL/NASCAR tonight!

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