Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Week 1 in my Fantasy leagues Pt2 Pt1

College Football

My Niagara Maulers had a nice victory following our first lost to Gold's Bully's in our first game (114.75-100.5), today we won by a nice margin (102.5-75.5) against WVU Football. However that's still one of the worst scores in the league so maybe I'm just lucky. I'm gonna have to make some drastic changes if I want to stay competitive. 3 of my active players got 0 points, which isn't good.

My Stingers football team continues it's domination, our first game against Penn State Raiders we won 123.75-99.75. This time against P.O.D. we won 153.5-106 note to self don't change anything.

NHL Draft at 7oclock tonight maybe I'll do a live update of it

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