Sunday, September 14, 2008

Week 2 in NFL Football

Projected Score: Caledonia Maulers 99-105 Spartans
Hamilton Maulers 100-91 Mudcats

Current Score: Caledonia Maulers 59-36 Spartans
Hamilton Maulers 86-62 Mudcats

Cale. 1 game left(feat Tony Romo my QB) and 4 in progress
Ham. 1 game left- 7 in progress

Update at 8PM
Cale. 1 game left - Basically it's all in the Dallas Stars performance, if Romo does well than I'll win, if Terrel Owens does well and garners 23 pts without Romo's help than the Spartans could win.
Ham. 1 game left -(However I'm ahead by 24 pts and the other team is done) So victory is pretty much mine.

Update Monday
Well the StarsvsEagles game just finished and the scores are:
Caledonia Maulers 85-56 Spartans
Hamilton Maulers 88-63 Mudcats

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