Monday, September 14, 2009

This Week In Fantasy Sports NFL Mon. Edition

Here we go:

Hamilton Maulers vs Blueblood : Projected- Blueblood by 35
SUNDAY: Maulers 78 to 104 J&J
To Play: Maulers-
Tom Brady- QB Points Made: 25
Darren McFadden- RB
Patriots Defence Points Made: 12
Analysis: After a weak 1st half Brady came back in the final minutes and got me within shooting distance, and the weak Patriots defense helped a lot. It's all on McFadden to get me 11 points.
CURRENT: M 103-114 BB
To Play: Maulers-
Darren McFadden- RB Points Made: 4
It's only a couple into the game and McFadden is already putting points on the board (104). McFaddens movin up (107). Grabs another yard before going to the 2nd quarter (108). Fadden fumbles it, back to 106. Brings it back up to 107. McFadden makes a play later in the 4th 108. Another good play 109.
Final Score: M 109-114 BB
Final Analysis: If I put Romo in instead of Brady (which I should have because Brady just got back) I would have won. Sadface :(

Caledonia Stingers vs J&J : Projected- Tie
Current: Stingers 73 to 90 J&J
To Play: J&J-
Terrel Owen- WR Points Made: 4
Analysis: Terrel Owens poor performance kept it close. I'm optimistic.
To Play: Stingers-
Antonio Gates- TE Points Made: 7
Analysis: Gates (and San Diego for the most part) gets little play in the 1st quarter. Gates gets on the board with a point 74. Picks up a deuce, 76. Makes a play in the 4th, 77. Makes another play, 80. Late play with 45 secs left, 81. TOUCHDOWN PLEASE??? Nope
Final Score: S 81-90 JJ
Final Analysis: Both my benched WR and RB got almost 20 points a piece. Sadly, more than anyone on my active team got. Sadface :(

P.S. On a positive note, for a first week, still getting used to my lines, players still getting used to getting back on the field, my teams actually did well. Hopefully they'll be strong next week.

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