Saturday, September 12, 2009

This Week In Fantasy Sports

Niagara Stingers vs Decatur Bandits : Projected- Stingers by 2
Actual: Stingers 57 to 51 Bandits
Analysis: Gods be praised! The Bandit's owner left on 3 of his players who were on bye this week (TE, WR, WR) and his QB and 1 of his WRs got stomped in a 35-3 loss. Even then I still scrapped by. Gresham, my Tight End, is having surgery and will be out for the year! THANKS FOR TELLING ME CBS! Warren (WR) failed to get any points but got 7 yards. My trade yesterday for McCalebb (RB) saved the day, with 17 points. Relf (my traded QB) got only 4 points in a 49-24 loss. My Texas D got 12 points and the RBs and WRs split the rest. It was close because Bandits Boston College D stomped Kent State 34-7 and his RB Dixon got 17 pts.
Trades: Obviously Gresham is gone. Hopefully my team will be strong since my QB and RBs aren't on bye anymore. My reserve WR, Spencer, got 7.5 points and might replace Warren.

Maulers vs Shrek : Projected- Shrek by 2
Actual: Maulers 112 to 155 Wildcats
Analysis: This was a hard game to win by any standard as Shrek QB, Tebow, got 46 points and 1 of his RB and 2 of his WRs got a combined total of over 60 points. His kicker got 10 points even! Reesing (QB) didn't do as well as he should have, getting only 14 pts in a 34-7 win. Bolden (RB) has been the work horse of the team, getting 35 points, getting us in the ball park at least. Royster (RB) also did really well with 22 points, so I have a strong RB section which is good. Adams (WR) failed me with 0 points and Banks (WR) only got 3 points. Pettis (WR) was exceptionally strong with 17 points in a 34-0 win. Slate (TE) got a point in a 52-10 loss, Flint (K) got 8 points and my USC D got 12 points.
Trades: I'll consider trading my WRs but I'm last on waivers so I doubt I'll be getting anything decent.

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