Sunday, September 13, 2009

This Week In Fantasy Sports NFL Sun. Edition

Caledonia Stingers vs J&J : Projected- Tie
Current: Stingers 73 to 90 J&J
To Play: Stingers-
Antonio Gates- TE
Terrel Owen- WR
Analysis: It's a long shot, but if TO plays really badly there maybe a chance. J&J's TE got 21 points, why can't mine?

Hamilton Maulers vs Blueblood : Projected- Blueblood by 35
Current: Maulers 78 to 104 J&J
To Play: Maulers-
Tom Brady- QB
Darren McFadden- RB
Patriots Defence
Analysis: This is in reach, Brady better have a damn good game, because I benched Romo and he got 32 points. I have to hope that the Patriots D performs poorly, and McFadden does well hopefully

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