Friday, August 1, 2008

Stinger503's QuickList: Weapons (P1/3)

I'm going to be doing a 3 part series on weapons that are awesome. First is real life weapon categories, 2nd is an individual weapon in those categories and third is most awesome video game guns.

Best Weapons- And none of that Hand to Hand getting #1 bullshit that I've seen on the Military Channel, apparently they haven't seen Indiana Jones or The Last Samurai

10. Light Machine Gun

These mothers are half beast, half machine. Surprisingly the best examples of these are from World War II. Which was likely because you actually could have to shoot 20-30 guys at once while on the move, something you wouldn't need in Bagdad today. So while they do fire alot of bullets, their pretty cumbersome compared to ARs and SMGs, which is why it's tenth.

9. Assualt Rifles

These have been big ever since WWII. Any modern army needs a good assualt rifle. They've taken centerstage in almost all the wars since the 2nd World War including Vietnam, Iraq, Korea and Afghanistan. While they are useful, their track record isn't that good. Aside from a gun I'll mention in pt 2, guns like the M16 is notorious for jamming in combat. I feel bad for putting ARs so high on the list, espicially with modern weapons like the FAMAS, M4 and having fu**ing grenade launchers on them.

8. Pistol

Pistols are the classic weapon. From the 1812 musket balls to the Wild West stand offs, German Lugers, PP7s, Desert Eagles, Police, armies, rebels, criminals. Pistols have been everywhere. That is all.

7. Bolt-Action Rifle

I love WWII rifles. It was a time before ARs had taken over and it didn't matter if your gun was shitty because you were a badass. Just look at this illustrious list of names:

  • Springfield

  • Mauser

  • Lee-Enfield

  • Mosin-Nagant

  • and a favourite I'm listing in pt 2
6. Sub-Machine Gun

What I love about SMGs I their dependability, compactness, and silence. Used by most special forces, the SMGs is the opposite of AR. Which I love.

5. Mounted Gun/ Heavy Machine Gun

What is better than unleashing a seemingly unending torrent of bullets at a foe? Look below.

4. Flame Thrower

Can also be used for snow on your driveway Seriously

3. Shotgun

Future of Shotguns


2. RPGs

Rocket Launcher, Panzerfaust, Panzershreck, Bazooka, Rocket Propelled Grenade. Take your pick.

1. Sniper Rifles

I love snipers. Think about the legacy of badassedness. Russian Snipers, British, American, Canadian, and German sharpshooters are all badass. Enemy At The Gates is a good example. There's also Sniper Wolf, Saving Private Ryan, etc. I love snipers.

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