Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Well it's already Day 3 of our journey,

Here's our journal of stuff we've done,
Day 1:
I woke up, I don't know how but I did. We then got some Timmies, I had a Med. Ice Capp, Cream Cheese Bageland an Blueberry Fritter We finally got packed up and left, we got to Hamilton and stop at Costco.

We reach the border and get through okay.We stop for lunch and washrooms at a rest area. I get Fuddrucker's Manager's Special (Hamburger, Fries and a Strawberry Milkshake)
We stop for gas, I grab a Dunkin' Donuts jelly donut.

We continue into Pennslyvania, passing Scranton. We finally reach Tanglewood Resort. Checked out the rooms, very nice! After figuring out who's sleeping where, I set up my stuff. Xbox set up in 7 minutes flat.
While Sarah & Jamie & my parents go for groceries me & Jen try to get the Xbox working. I call the front office and find out that we need a converter. Me and Jen set out for adventure. We pick up Spencer and he comes along. We get the converter and I go back to our room. The Xbox works! GREAT SUCCESS!

We head out to the boat house to eat. After a bit of a wait (it's 11 people!)
We got some apps (mozz sticks & nachos) and I had some Lemonade to drink. For an entree I got the Linguini Margerheta which consisted of linguini, and cherry tomatoes.

Pasta Rating
Linguini Margerheta
Taste: It was good but wasn't great
Size: Huge
Overall: 8.0/10 Not as much taste as I would have liked. Plus eating linguini is hard enought, eating with tomatoes, even harder.

I had some carrot cake for dessert. After that we went back to my room and played some Scene It: Lights Camera Action (me and Tyson won) after which I introduced Jordan to the joy that is Grand Theft Auto IV. At about 2 A.M. I go to sleep.

Day 2
I wake up at EIGHT THIRTY! I grab some cereal then we go swimming. After that we go play some volleyball and then some tennis. We go back to my aunt and uncles room for some sandwiches. After that we play some Halo 3 and then go on a walk by the lake. We stopped for ice cream (I had Orange Blossom)

We come back and play some Halo 3 again before supper at Erhardts I had a Lobster Ravioli
Pasta Rating
Lobster Ravioli
Taste: F***ing amazing!
Size: Only 5 ravioli pieces, although large, wasn't enough even with some bread and asparagus. Rating: 9.0/10 One of the best pastas I have ever had in my life. Simply awesome.
I had some lemonade to drink as well.After that we went back to 125 (Aunt & Uncles room) for some cake (it's my mums b-day).It was a cool 4 in one cake that had carrot, red velvet, german chocolate and truffle. I had truffle.
Back to my room where we play some Scene It (I won both times)
Then to sleep.
Day 3.5
I wake up at about 10 (which is what I wanted) after a nice breakfast (pancakes, sausage, eggs and bacon) we went to my room. After that we went to the Bushkill Falls for some hiking. We went on the red trail. Which is 2 1/2 hours long. It was very scenic and tiring. We had some ice cream (I had Rainbow Sherbert).

We went back to my room. Right now Jordy and Jen are playing some H3 co-op and I'm typing this up. Now I have to go. I believe I have some of my sister's pasta with my name on it. Tomorrow we're going to Hershey!

Day 3 (cont.)
After I had my sister's pasta, we went to 125s for some Spaghetti and then played Family Feud and Cranium. We then went back to our room for some shut eye.
Day 4
We woke early for our 2 hour drive to Hershey. We got loaded in and set out. On the way we got gas and I got a Nestea. The rest of the journey was uneventful. We got to Hershey and we could see rollercoasters. YES!

We went in and it was a magical world. Everything smells good. I'm pretty sure I went on every ride possible, heres a list:
Storm Runner

The singing you hear in the background is actually park entertainment:
It was okay, and it got your mind off the heat.

Comet (Wood)
Wildcat (Wood)
Sidewinder (The Bat from Canada's wonderland)
Lightening Racer (Wood)
Great Bear
I'm not sure of the Slooperdooper though

I also went on the Claw, Pirate and Kissing Tower
We stopped at Subway for lunch, I had 2 6" subs with a Pink Lemonade

We then went to the Hershey Museum and saw the Apstoleic clock which was cool. Then it was off to Chocolate World. (My girlfriend would have died to be here) It has a gigantic shop with every kind of chocolate available. We then went on a tour of how chocolate is made (which reminded me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). Then we went on a trolley tour of Hershey which was entertaining. After that we headed out to eat.

We ate at Villa Rosa's, an Italian resturant where I had Rosa's Darmagio a lasagna.

Pasta Rating
Rosa's Darmagio
Taste: Great
Size: Perfect
Rating: 9.0/10 A well made Italian dish.

I also had 3/4ths of Jens dish and we had Cannoli which was amazing!I had (unsweetened) Ice Tea and then Lemonade.We went home and then we slept at our rooms.

Today we rented a boat. I tried skiing but failed horribly and then did tubing, and well watch for yourself. (Note I knew going in that I would either go as long as I could or die trying)

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It seems like you had fun on ur trip! wish i was with you then but its okay.