Thursday, October 28, 2010

College Fantasy Football Preview

Only TWO weeks left in the college FF season. I’m going to give you a quick preview of the upcoming game and how the playoffs play into them.

Fenix Firecrackers this is as close to a must win game as it gets. At 6-2 they are behind the 7-1 Blastmen and 6-1-1 Trojan Warhorses. I go up against the Bulldogs this week, a 2-6 team. Meanwhile the Trojan Warhorses and Blastmen are playing each other. Could this be a preview of the semi-final? Also even if I end up losing out #2 spot against the Trojans, I still have a good chance at the #2 wildcard. Here’s how the league currently looks:

  1. Blastmen (7-1) West Division
  2. Trojan Warhorses (6-1-1) West Division
  3. Fenix Firecrackers (6-2) West Div & Auburn (6-2) East Divison
  4. UDM (5-3) East Division

So as long as I’m ahead of UDM, I can grab the 2nd wildcard.

Caledonia Spartans things are a little less serious here. My team is currently the league leader at 7-1. In my division the next two teams are 5-3 and 3-5. So there’s a almost definite chance of me either getting the leader spot or the wildcard.  This week unfortunately I go without Blackmon, who is probably my MVP, because of a suspension.

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