Sunday, October 24, 2010

This 2 Months in Fantasy Sports

Yep I got lazy, between work and geocaching, my blog has taken a backseat. So I’m going to give you a update of the past 2 months (with an extra NFL Team)

College Football

The Fenix Firecrackers are 6-2 on a 4 game winning streak and ranked 3rd in the West Division and tied for 3rd league wide.

The Caledonia Spartans are 7-1 on a 4 game winning streak too. They’re ranked 1st in West Division and league wide.


NFL Football

The Hamilton Stingers are 2-4 and 3rd in the Central Division.

The Norfolk Maulers are 4-2 and 1st in the East Division

The Moscow Maulers 1-3 and 2nd in the West Division

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